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Recent high points

January 11, 2012


Our friend Len Gillman agreed to join us on the Fine Line Expedition to Baffin Island, and a team of three made it a safer proposition to hike for two weeks in an Arctic wilderness among glaciers, big rivers and huge granite walls. His good humour and mountain skills helped make it an unforgettable experience. Throughout the year we made many journeys into wild locations where we created many sculptures in the company of James Blake and Joey Bania who filmed our progress. The resulting 25 minute documentary was edited from 100 hours of footage. “A Delicate Canvas ” premiered at the Regent Theatre in Dunedin as part of ScienceTeller Festival and drew a large enthusiastic audience. An exhibition of the works featured at Gallery 33 in Wanaka Presenting the Fine Line Project at ScienceTeller Festival along with the exhibition Fragile Canvas at Otago Museum had me spending many hours at the computer but we now have a comprehensive documentation of the Fine Line Project so far. This will form the basis for development into an audio visual with video and interviews added. The year was wrapped up with a climb of Mt Sealy near Mt Cook by Martin and an overnight hike with Philippa and friends in the Matukituki valley where we walked on an ice bridge beneath a great waterfall. In the past two weeks we have rock climbed on the Remarkables high above Queenstown including an ascent of Single Cone, climbed the Shotwell Slabs in the Darren Mountains of Fiordland and camped on Gertrude Saddle where a snow sculpture was made. Reflecting on a year of hard work and profound experiences I can’t help wondering what 2012 will bring

Martin on the summit of Mt Sealy. MT Cook beyond