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Fragile Canvas

September 17, 2011

Since we returned from making the Fine Line Sculpture on Baffin Island
up in the Arctic we have directed our efforts into working towards Fragile Canvas,
a solo exhibition at Gallery 33 in our home town of Wanaka.

Since the winter snow came late this year we had made no works using snow or ice before we left for the Arctic. As soon as we got back we hiked with the film crew up to Breast Hill through the snow to photograph and film the stone sculpture we had made in February, now in winter conditions.

Thick ice had also formed on Diamond Lake so we set to work with ice axes to cut out a big disc out of it. We managed to lever it onto the surface and sculpt it but it froze in place and when we attempted to lift it into position it cracked and broke. The film crew were delighted: failure makes interesting film footage!

The next day the film makers left and undaunted Philippa and I went back to the lake to try again and we completed and photographed the ice sculpture as we had intended it to be.

Since then I have worked solidly on selecting and preparing the sculpture images to make the prints for the exhibition which previews on Friday 23 September. This series of works made throughout the seasons of this year in the Wanaka region represents for us a chance to express not just our love for this fragile place where we live, but a love and concern for the fragile canvas of the biosphere that nourishes us all.