Since we met in 1994 Philippa Jones and I have often collaborated in the making of my environmental sculptures. We have travelled to some of the worlds wildest places together often to mountain regions where we have climbed together and made some of the most significant works especially those on the Fine Line Project.

New Zealand born in 1950 Philippa has made a major contribution to my working practice.

Her contribution comes from her university training in art history, a creative background in craft basketmaking and freelance feature writing on topics including design, architecture and environmental issues.

Though we are different in many ways we work together intuitively. We also have complementary skills. Philippa recognises ideas immediately and has very good practical skills. All the time we are working with only what nature provides and her resourcefulness is invaluable. Collaborating is something that comes naturally to us because our work is inseparable from our lives.



Martin Hill

Philippa Jones & Martin Hill collaborating on the making of 2000 Shells 1998

Martin Hill