Monthly Archives: April 2022

Wild Dunedin community land art sculpture

April 25, 2022

To celebrate Earth Day and to open the NZ Festival of Nature Philippa and I worked with Wild Dunedin community volunteers to make a land art sculpture on St Kilda Beach using natural materials found at the site that returned to the sea by the incoming tide.

We marked out the shape of a 25 metre circle on the sand below the high tide line and cordoned it off with ropes. Into this we all dragged and arranged the materials without making footprints on the beach around it, by walking in the wet sand as the tide receded.

The day was cold, windy and intermittently stormy but everyone put their heart and soul into collecting mostly kelp and driftwood. Over three hours of very hard work we completed the installation with some people creating intricate personal art works within the circle.

The whole event was livestreamed with cutaways to interviews, and videos about our art practice. A time lapse and aerial drone footage shot by Graham McArthur document the inspiring outcome, which everyone agreed was a big success.


On Saturday at the Otago Museum Philippa and I gave video presentation of our art practice including the Fine Line project and book and the community beach sculpture.

We thank all the Wild Dunedin organisers, volunteers, sponsors and supporters for their contributions to the event










What is a Circular Economy?

April 24, 2022

This month the Sustainable Business Network launched their first ever circular economy directory featuring Kanuka Sphere to illustrate the principles that a business is required to follow to become circular and regenerative like nature.

As founding members of SBN and promoters of circular systems for 25 years we are delighted to be part of this essential initiative for change.

Our listing below explains how we can help a business go circular by using our powerful land art images as part of their communications, branding or product offering.