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A defining moment

November 17, 2021

On Monday night our book Fine Line was launched at a well attended function at Edgewater,  Lake Wanaka. Our long time friend Gus Roxburgh did a great job as MC and climate scientist Tim Naish spoke of the timeliness and power of Fine Line.

We had timed the launch of the Fine Line book to coincide with the termination of COP26 when we hoped to celebrate the defining moment in history when world leaders finally acted to prevent climate breakdown with an agreement to hold  global heating below 1.5 degrees.

Tragically once again governments failed to act decisively enough and the goal of COP26 was not achieved. The fine line we are treading just became even more fine.

But it was a defining moment for Philippa and I after 25 years working on Fine Line around the world – celebrating with so many friends and supporters.

Some asked what will we do next?  Our answer – keep creating art about solutions.





















Above photograph: Christine White

Below Photographs: Tim Hawkins

The art of the sustainable

November 13, 2021
Alasdair Foster interviews photographers around the world on his website Talking
Pictures. His in-depth interview with Philippa and I currently heads up his website.
Of all that has been written about us it is the most most accurate description of our
work, its philosophy and ecological approach.
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Burning Issues. Albert Burn Saddle. 2012