Nature and Us – a BBC2 TV series

September 30, 2021

We were recently filmed by BBC2 for inclusion in a three part TV series titled Nature and Us , A History through Art, presented by the eminent art historian James Fox.

We chose to make an ephemeral sculpture on Albert Burn Saddle near Mt Aspiring which we knew would provide an awe-inspiring visual landscape. Fresh winter snow meant the conditions were perfect to execute an idea about the conflict between linear and circular industrial systems.


Titled End of the Line? the sculpture is a snow circle with an improbable horizontal line breaking it in two. There appears to be nothing holding the upper semicircle from collapse, but this illusion is achieved with rocks embedded in the sculpture.

 The circle of life is now so undermined by linear extractive industrial systems, that we are seeing signs of its collapse around the world. Unless we end the use of these polluting processes and move to a circular regenerative economy, climate and ecological collapse is inevitable.

The BBC 2 TV series Nature and Us is due to air October 11th and includes interviews with international artists, philosophers and scientists asking the question “Are we part of or apart from nature?”