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Making the most of our backyard

November 20, 2017

Perfect weather in Mt Aspiring National Park made for a delightful relaxing walk to camp amid our great mountains in the bush clad Matukitiki river valley.
It is great to see that vegetation and native bird life is being protected by an extensive pest eradication programme managed by the NZ Department of Conservation with many volantears.

NZ Robin

Tititea, Mt Aspiring

Rob Roy Glacier

Philippa in the Matukituki River valley

A cool resting place

Three prints find a good home in Germany

November 14, 2017

Our online store is open!

And there is nothing like a satisfied customer! This is what Julia wrote:

“The prints are on my wall – finally! I really love your prints – Synergy, Bracken Sphere and Tide Cycle.  I think the framer did a good job too!  I have them in the room where I work. I am a psychotherapist and my patients like the prints as well!”

Our latest exhibition in China

November 7, 2017

In order to present our land art prints in the beautiful natural landscape where the International Photography Festival is being held,Na Risong, Curator at Inter Gallery, Beijing, made special prints and installed them on stands in the grounds of the luxury mountain venue.

It’s a small yet unique photography festival featuring 18 Chinese and foreign photographers’ works in the valley of Tiantai Mountain in the province of Sichuan.Na Risong being Interviewed by the the press







Online store is open

November 5, 2017

After more than 20 years of international publishing and exhibiting of my environmental sculpture photographs I have opened an online store on my website. So I can now share them online as original artist’s fine art prints.

Now you can buy an original signed land art print of your own from my online store using your preferred payment method and have it shipped safely direct to you anywhere in the world.

All the land art sculptures are made by hand in wild places using natural materials found at each site, often in collaboration with my partner Philippa Jones.

After I have made the perfect photograph of them they are left to disperse harmlessly back to nature. All that is left are our memories of their making and the photographs from which I hand make these fine art prints.

Online store