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Vision for the future

June 27, 2017

Sky Stone Circle: This sculpure was made by floating pumice stones on the still surface of Lake Taupo in New Zealand in 1993. I wanted the stones to appear to float in the sky so I made the image without showing the surrounding landscape and focussed on the clouds reflected in the lake to achieve the impossible appearance of stones in the sky. I made the sculpture in order to refer to carbon in the atmosphere causing global warming. The circle refers to the design of a circular regenerative economy modeled on nature as its solution.

Here I am floating the volcanic pumice stones to make the sculpture in 1993

In the same year Paul Hawken’s breakthrough book The Ecology of Commerce was published, opening the world’s eyes to the potential of a regenerative economy. Now with an outstounding worldwide group of qualified scientists and researchers he has done it again with DRAWDOWN

The path to reversing global warming in thirty years is within our grasp. Drawdown is the point at which greenhouse gases in the atmosphere begin to decline year by year. The Project Drawdown team over the past few years has identified, researched and modelled the hundred most substantive existing solutions to address climate change: “The task now is to accelerate the knowledge and growth of what is possible”.