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Circular design goes mainstream

January 22, 2017

When I made Stone Circle in 1994 it was because I believe that sustainability will be achieved by ‘circular’ design.
I am delighted to announce that today the Circular Design Guide by the top international design company IDEO was launched at Davos, Switzerland.

This link takes you to: 

It offers a set of publicly-available, practical tools and methods to help innovators, entrepreneurs and designers to apply ‘circular’ design thinking – a new value creation lens through which to view products, services and systems that support the transition to a circular economy.

Tim Brown, CEO of IDEO says: “Transitioning to the circular economy is one of the most important design challenges of our time. For designers, it means rethinking traditional approaches and retraining in circular principles. This guide was created to provide the tools needed to move from ideas to action, creating solutions for the circular economy that give businesses a competitive edge and are regenerative for our world.”

Now there is no excuse for designing linear systems that continue to destroy our natural world or deplete resources and continue to cause climate change.

Congratulations to all involved especially Ellen MacArthur Foundation, IDEO and McDonough & Braungart authors of Cradle to Cradle design published 2002, who brought circular design thinking to the forefront of design today.