All eyes on Paris

November 26, 2015


Since exhibiting at Andorra Land Art Biennale and visiting Paris and the South of France in September, the horrific terrorist attacks have changed everything in Europe.

There is, however a great interest in our work in France with two projects under discussion as well as an article by Pascal Greboval in Kaizen magazine this month featuring our work and discussing the sustainable design philosophy that underpins it.

With the COP21 UN climate talks beginning shortly in Paris, the world is focussed on what may be achieved in the way of binding international agreements on reduction of green house gas emissions. _DSC9089

It is generally accepted that this is the last chance to get commitments from 190 governments to collaborate in averting this global threat caused by our unsustainable practices.

Although public marches are cancelled in Paris for now, the largest global movement in history is mobilising around the world to demand appropriate action on climate change.

We lend our support to all those engaged in this movement in the hope that our efforts will not be in vain.