On ice

May 24, 2015

Ice has played a big part in my life recently.
Since having two partial knee replacements 10 weeks ago ice has been applied daily to my knees as part of my rehab – which is going well.

Last weekend we visited a science communications workshop held by New Zealand Antarctic Research Institute at Ohau Lodge where we presented a framed print of  “Ice Planet”, one of the  sculptures we made on the Ross Ice Shelf in Antarctica Dec 2014, when on an Antarctica New Zealand Artists Residency at Scott Base. Jeanine Begg, GM. Marketing and Communications, received the print which will be hung in the International Antarctic Centre Christchurch.

Cropped 2


We also showed two art/science videos we are creating in collaboration with climate scientists Dr Tim Naish and Dr Richard Levy.

At the meeting scientists presented papers and climate information from their research in Antarctica which demonstrates an extremely serious situation. The melting of ice shelves is accelerating in all sectors of Antarctica’s perimeter. This is affecting the ice sheets and leads to increased sea level rise.
The recent IPC report predicts 30-80cm of sea level rise by the end of the century.