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50 years of climbing

March 8, 2015

Next week I go into hospital for two patella femoral knee operations.
After more than fifty years of climbing, my knees are ready for an overhaul.
Yesterday I went rock climbing for the last time on my old worn knees and frankly I can’t wait for the new ones.

Martin Climbing Corner

Martin climbing Cenotaph Corner, North Wales 1964

Modern surgery is a powerful tool in keeping us active and working so much longer than our parents’ generation. I look forward to being able to walk down mountains without pain and maybe even achieve high steps when rock climbing after I am 70.

Rock climbing has been a defining part of my life. Thanks to medical science I hope to prolong my climbing life. This is not an idle wish, I have a lot of expeditions left to accomplish. Not least to complete the Fine Line Project that Philippa and I have worked on for 20 years.