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Fine Line of hope

November 22, 2014

It is only a matter of days now before Philippa and I embark on our long awaited journey to Antarctica supported by Antarctica New Zealand to make the 10th Fine Line Project sculpture on the ice of McMurdo Sound. Here in the greatest wilderness on earth over so many years scientists have uncovered research data from which alarming climate change projections have been made for the earth’s near future. And on which we must now act.

There is an air of hope in achieving real international agreements and action on the reduction of carbon emissions at the UN climate talks in Paris, after the announcements from the leaders of China and America. Could it be that there is finally going to be the political will to make sufficient change to mitigate devastating climate change?

As we prepare for Antarctica it is with hope in our hearts that our 20 year global Fine Line Project will become a celebration of the turning point when governments steer towards a sane and just world. A world in which nature takes precedence over acquisitive human nature.

Watch this space…

_Baffin Island sculpture

The Fine LIne Project sculpture No 9 – Baffin Island, Arctic Circle 2011


Kosmos publish a second gallery

November 21, 2014

The latest issue of Kosmos Journal features a gallery and article about our work for the second time.  Kosmos-FW14-HillGallery



It is a privilege to have our recent work shown in this forum where leading thinkers are discussing the most challenging of the worlds problems and their potential solutions.

Most of the works in the gallery are from the Watershed Project made in collaboration with Philippa Jones and recently exhibited at Pingyao International Photography Festival, China. Winning an international award of excellence.

Thanks to


Archi Expo inspiration

November 5, 2014

My art comes from my love of nature and the nature of good design.

It is therefore an honour for me that Archi Expo have presented my environmental sculpture photographs in the inspiration section of their splendid international architecture and design website in the company of many of my design heros.

For two decades I have practiced in a kind of self imposed design wilderness, making art focussed on the relationship between the human designed world and nature’s design.

It is my hope that the design community realises its potential to design a better world for everyone that operates according to the principles of nature’s design.