Not lost in translation

October 6, 2014

On our way back home from China we spent some days in Tokyo. Our agent in Japan, Hisae Koyanagi had organized a two hour presentation at Seikei University eco campus.

Discussing solutions to ecological damage and climate change which my work addresses is a daunting enough prospect with an English speaking audience. Add the complications of language and cultural differences and the task becomes problematic.
However with some strategic planning in advance and a brilliant translator I think we pulled it off. Ms Akoyoshi translated my text weeks in advance and read up about my art and philosophy so that she had a deep understanding prior to the talk.

Professor Suzuki promoted the talk with posters, flyers and a huge digital presentation in the students’ modern cafe.

Seikei Uni cafe

All went well with plenty of questions and dialogue. Tachi Kiuchi a leader in sustainable business attended along with media, academic and design professionals and students. Martin Seikei talk

Alterna published an article featuring my work and talk. 

I am confident my message was not lost in translation.