Great news!

June 23, 2014

We have just heard from the Antarctica New Zealand CEO that we have been selected for the Artists to Antarctica Programme this coming season.

We will fly to Scott Base at Mc Murdo Sound, and travel to a location on the ice where we will make the tenth sculpture on the Fine Line Project that Philippa and I began in 1995.

Gaining the support of Antarctica New Zealand will provide not only access and logistical resources in Antarctica and on the Ross Ice shelf but also connection to the scientific research taking place there that is so significant to the world’s understanding of climate change and biodiversity.

This creative journey has been our mission for nearly twenty years so it is a huge milestone for us and the Fine Line Project. It means that we can plan to make the last two sculptures on the Fine Line around the earth, one on a Pacific Island and the last where we made the first on the summit of Mt Ngauruhoe, an active volcano in Tongariro National Park, NZ thus completing the line encircling the earth

FL New Zealand

Making the New Zealand Fine Line Project sculpture 1995 


We will now be seeking project partners and collaborators in art /science, publishing and multi media communications who have the expertise and resources to contribute to making the Fine Line Project outputs a force for global understanding and change.

Potential collaborators may contact us here. We would love to hear from you.