Days 4 & 5: Storm bound

September 26, 2012

With a big low pressure system right over the Southern Alps we have been confined to the comfortable Whare Kea Chalet at 1750m except for the occasional foray out into snowstorms and whiteouts to make quick works and take photographs that show the changing conditions.



In my research for The Watershed Project I have learned about the urgent current research now taking place that attempts to achieve a scaleable system for creating a truly sustainable energy system by splitting the water molecule using energy from the sun. Producing hydrogen from H2O using a photocatalyst would produce no carbon emissions. Known as artificial photosynthesis this renewable energy could become a watershed in preventing catastrophic climate change.

Today I have begun exploring ways to make works specifically about this using water and snow.


Philippa and I also trudged off this morning across the fresh snow leaving footprints to make another work to photograph when the sun comes out – assuming more snow doesn’t obliterate it before then, like the footprints we see from wild four legged animals around the chalet – perhaps chamois or thar.


Snow is banked up at the huge windows and we are surrounded on all sides by views of falling snow, while Philippa paints and we enjoy the comforts and great food provided by Whare Kea Lodge – bravo chef James.