Transforming finance based on life’s principles

September 12, 2012

The need to redesign all human systems to be compatible with how nature works is my philosophy.

That is why this statement resonates with me:


June 27, 2012  © 2012

The STATEMENT ON TRANSFORMING FINANCE BASED ON LIFE’S PRINCIPLES begins with the biological truth that the human species is interdependent with all other life forms on Planet Earth.  Therefore, human societies, cultures, values and belief systems that are informed by and modeled on the following Life’s Principles, which are strategies universal to all organisms, should provide the basis for all production and exchange of goods, community structures and services.  This includes the design of monetary systems, investments, banking, financing,  bartering, reciprocal exchange, payments, crowdfunding, compensation and unpaid gifting, sharing, cooperatives, reproduction of future, generations, provision of public goods, infrastructure, collective health, education and life-supporting services.

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