Monthly Archives: March 2011

Seed of an idea

March 20, 2011

Filming the making of an environmental sculpture on top of a classic rock pinnacle near Wanaka was serious fun. We climbed Tomb Stone Crack to reach an airy platform and hauled up the film gear and set it up. James, one of the film crew climbed the crack to film on top while Joey found good angles from below and on other rock outcrops.
The sculpture was made from rosehips gathered from the wild briar growing on the hillside below. They are an invasive weed here in Central Otago but were a useful seed for our idea. The bright red of the sculpture shone against the lichen covered rock and surrounding crags.
We took the rosehips home with us and that night Philippa turned them into rosehip syrup and cooked pancakes with cream and rosehip syrup. Delicious!