Monthly Archives: January 2005

Moving to Wanaka

January 1, 2005

2005 was taken up with a lifestyle change. With a business formed over the previous 10 years based at our inner city house and studio in Auckland, New Zealand, it became possible, with the international publishing of the sculpture imagery as posters and cards, to move away from our city base to a place where we would be surrounded by the landscapes that inspire us.

Queenstown in Central Otago in the South Island seemed an obvious choice with its bustling atmosphere and well known location, but we decided on Wanaka, a smaller and more relaxed resort town with a population of 4000. It had everything we needed.

We bought a section, designed a sustainable house, sold our house in Auckland and set out to start a new life.
In spite of the huge disruption sculptures continued to be created in our new environment of lakes, rivers, forests and mountains. New materials were exciting and the dramatic seasons – fiercely hot in summer, freezing cold in winter and very dry all year round were also a new challenge we enjoyed.