M&P-Fine-Line-USAThe Fine Line Project is a global environmental art / science project consisting of 12 ephemeral sculptures made on high points linked by a line. The line encircles the earth starting on the summit of Mt Ngauruhoe and finishing on Mt Ruapehu in Tongariro National Park, New Zealand. The line symbolises the interconnected and interdependent network of natural systems that connect us all in the web of life. Each sculpture is made from natural materials found at the site that return to nature. The objective is to create a powerful narrative with art. Art  that acts as a meme for global understanding and action towards redesigning human systems so that they align with the cyclical operating principles of natural systems. We initiated the Fine Line Project in 1995 as a way to express the importance of interconnectedness and interdependence in nature. We rely on the integrity of the earth’s living systems yet we can’t see these connections, and so we break them with our poorly conceived manmade systems. The integrity of the living world has become so undermined that there is now a race between tipping points in nature and those in our policy systems. Can we create the international will to stabilise climate and population, eradicate poverty and restore ecosystems before it is too late? This is the fine line we tread today. The Fine Line Project has been self funded. All twelve journeys and sculptures have now been completed and documented with video and photography. We are forming a body of support  around the project including scientists and public figures. Using our creative material and research we are working on the writing and production of a book and digital media  and are calling for collaboration with scientists and writers.

You can help – the project needs funding and support. Contact us